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Andrew Park

About Andrew Park

Andrew is an artist and visual thinker. He has transformed his life-long preference for visual storytelling into the successful animation and visual communications company Cognitive. Andrew is famed for the groundbreaking RSA Animate series for the Royal Society of Arts, which features his distinctive hand-drawn style. This series of 21 short films have garnered over 100 million views on YouTube and established a new visual medium and industry in ‘Whiteboard Animation’. He has worked with Chris Anderson, curator of TED, helping Chris reimaging various TED talks and helping him visualize the inaugural animations for the TED-Ed lessons. Chris said. “Andrew Park…in my humble-but-true opinion is the world’s greatest animator of concepts.” Andrew directed and drew the 48 animations for the BBC Radio 4 History of Ideas series. He has also worked with the BBC helping to make world-renowned physicist’s Stephen Hawking’s theories come to life for the Reith lectures. Andrew shares his visual thoughts on twitter. @wearecognitive.

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Nigel Warburton

About Nigel Warburton

Nigel is a freelance philosopher. His books include the bestselling A Little History of Philosophy, Philosophy: the Basics, Philosophy: the Classics, Thinking from A to Z, The Art Question, and Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction. He’s also written a biography of the architect Ernö Goldfinger, and edited one about the photographer Bill Brandt. With David Edmonds he makes the popular podcast Philosophy Bites which has had over 34 million downloads and is the basis of three books: Philosophy Bites, Philosophy Bites Back, and Philosophy Bites Again. He’s passionate about communicating philosophy to a wide audience, and works as a consultant editor for Aeon and for New Philosopher. He also regularly interviews philosophers for the website Five Books. Nigel wrote 48 scripts for the Cognitive animations made to accompany the BBC Radio 4 History of Ideas series. He has over 60,000 followers on Twitter as @philosophybites.

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